Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nebo - Competition Timetable

I will try to keep parents informed on times kids need to be where.

Saturday, (September 26th) students need to be at Orem High School at 2:00 with black socks and their marching shoes. Please feed them something before they come. They will plan on leaving by 2:20, please do not be late. They perform around 5:00, please don't be late to watch them perform.

We still could use some help with hauling the trailer, helping kids with uniforms, helping the pit take their stuff on the field. Please email me if you are available.

I am going to make a guesstimated guess on time they will be home. Mr Summers will send those that want to go back, especially since it is the Homecoming Dance for Orem High, on the bus after they perform and put equipment away. They could be home by 6:30, if they want to stay until after awards it may be until 9.

-- Brook N Danette Gardner


Anonymous said...

Great Family Night Performance!

Wow - I have not seen the band look so good, sound so loud, and be so big in the 6 years I have followed/been associated with OHSMB! Summers and the kids are doing a great job!

Only one complaint (and don't take offense I know the kids try hard) but the drumline is once again weak - to put it mildly. OHSMB needs serious percussion students to man the drums (ie kids that are taking private percussion lessons and are percussionists - not part-time drummers/french horn players). OHSMB will never compete with the big guns like AF, SkyView, Riverton, or Mountain Crest until they resolve their weak drumline. The rest of the band is top notch.

So to you all: great job!

Don said...

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